Dental Products

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We are excited to offer dental products!

We are often  asked "What can we do to help with my pet's bad breath and tartar build up?" and we now have products to help.

Daily brushing is always the  best way to protect you pet's teeth. We have toothbrushes and a variety of toothpastes to get you started.

For those of you that have uncooperative pets or can not brush your pet's teeth daily, we offer Aquadent (which is a water additive) and an Oral Hygiene Rinse. Using these products once daily helps kill bad breath and plaque causing bacteria. (Can be used for cats and dogs)

Last but not least we have a variety of chews. HEXtra chews have chlorhexidine built in, so not only does it scrub your pets teeth it fights plaque causing bacteria for up to 24hrs too! We also have VeggieDents which have a special Z shape to improve scrubbing action on the teeth. (HEXtra chews available for cats also!)
Giving one of these chews once a day gives your pet a tasty treat and helps with their dental health!

Please call us if you have any questions about these products or about dental health in general.